Feb. 22, 2017

Articles Tagged ‘watson’

Visa, IBM make every connected device a possible point of sale

Visa has partnered up with IBM Watson to bring its mobile payment system to all of IBM’s IoT-connected devices as consumers become more comfortable with the technology, driving mcommerce further into a futuristic era.

Mobile Minutes: Apple’s AI push; IBM Watson; Samsung’s new chips; Apple self-driving car

Today in mobile marketing – This mysterious chip in the iPhone 7 could be key to Apple’s AI push; IBM is counting on its bet on Watson, and paying big money for it; Samsung Elec says it started mass production of 10-nanometre chips; Will car manufacturers want in on Apple’s self-driving system?

Macy’s AI-powered shopping assistant underscores mobile’s growing in-store role

Macy’s is piloting a mobile Web-based artificial intelligence platform that enables shoppers to ask product questions and receive responses, highlighting the growing role that cognitive learning and predictive analytics are playing in the retail industry.

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