Feb. 22, 2017

Articles Tagged ‘Visa’

Visa, IBM make every connected device a possible point of sale

Visa has partnered up with IBM Watson to bring its mobile payment system to all of IBM’s IoT-connected devices as consumers become more comfortable with the technology, driving mcommerce further into a futuristic era.

PayPal’s new app turns attention to business-specific mobile needs

PayPal is making life easier for businesses by releasing a new mobile application, aside from the main consumer-facing one, that is intended for businesses to help them keep track of their various financial data and decisions.

Android Pay precedes mobile Web rollout with Chase, Visa integration

Following confirmation that Android Pay is set to make its mobile Web debut, the mobile payments platform is also adding a partnership with Chase to its repertoire, allowing the bank’s Visa cardholders to use the service when making purchases in applications or in stores.

Visa, Uber see symbiotic benefits with localized rewards

Visa and Uber are modernizing rewards programs by offering incentives to spend with each platform in a cross-channel loyalty program that keeps the focus on local business.

Visa continues Olympics-themed mobile commerce blitz with Uber partnership

Visa enabled consumers in major cities worldwide to virtually join the Rio Summer Olympics by requesting rides via the Uber application, selecting the RioPool option and interacting with in-car tablet experiences featuring 3D swimming goggles, animated soccer balls and other activations.

Visa, PayPal consolidate audiences to streamline mobile payments, enhance security

Visa and PayPal have thrown a twist into the race for mobile payments domination by entering into a strategic partnership that will broaden consumers’ ability to pay via PayPal and Venmo and improve security, indicating the importance of collaborations in this competitive space.

How Visa continues to advance mobile payments at the Rio Olympics

In the latest contactless payments development for the Rio Olympics, Visa has partnered with Swatch to introduce an NFC-enabled watch in Brazil, enabling consumers to pre-load funds into their associated bank accounts and make a purchase within seconds.

Top 10 mobile payments activations of Q2

As consumers grow increasingly comfortable with using their smartphones to pay for purchases, brands including Pizza Hut, Walmart and OpenTable have revolutionized the payments sector with AI-enabled initiatives, widespread mobile wallet rollouts and streamlined on-site checkouts.

Visa’s mobile payments blitz continues with support for bank apps

Visa is strengthening its stronghold on mobile payments with the introduction of the Digital Commerce platform, which offers financial institutions such as Webster Bank and PNC Bank the ability to roll out their own consumer-facing apps.

Visa revitalizes wearables with NFC-enabled payment ring for Olympic athletes

Visa is hoping to drive a resurgence in interest for wearables by rolling out a payment ring allowing athletes at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games to make purchases by tapping the accessory against any NFC-compatible terminal.

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