Feb. 22, 2017

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Top 3 technologies revolutionizing ecommerce

Staying up to date with rapidly evolving technologies in the ecommerce and marketing industries can be a daunting task. With a slew of new technologies out there, it is also not easy to pinpoint which ones are worth the venture.

Retail this year: 4 technology trends to watch

To create new opportunities among consumers and generate greater profits from existing shoppers, retailers are increasingly turning to new platforms. But which technologies will move the needle?

Ad:tech New York Nov. 2-3 is harbinger of makeover for 20-year-old digital conference pioneer

The event boasts 186 speakers for 68 sessions under the overarching theme of “Shift, experience, reimagine.”

How 6 apps took their technologies mainstream

The phenomenon of a technology struggling for relevance only to have one product or implementation spark a fire and suddenly find widespread adoption is not unique.

R/GA exec: Leverage mobile to make store associates smarter than today’s shopper

NEW YORK – An executive with R/GA at the Mobile Media Summit explained that retailers should focus on mobile efforts which can make the bricks-and-mortar space a better experience for shoppers, such as equipping associates with technology to make them a bigger asset.

Why 40pc of independent retailers will not provide contactless payment

Independent retailers are still slow to adopt mobile payment services as the majority of consumers are not asking for it, with over 40 percent of businesses uninterested in ever introducing contactless payment options, according to a report by Lightspeed POS.

Do not fetishize technology without consideration to consumer behavior

What new technology has really generated is new behavior, whether it is sharing pictures of food, curating our Instagram to reflect who we are, pinning products for shopping and styling inspiration, or buying clothes on our mobile phones. Yet we have focused on ourselves and technology, not consumers and how they shop and decide.

Why technology matters in mobile marketing

Though companies can succeed in advertising technology because of scale, first-mover advantage or even having the best sales organization, only proprietary technology can provide a sustainable competitive advantage.

Harnessing mobile trends, technology and tips from industry giants

More searches are being made from mobile devices, more purchases are being made on the go, and more people are sharing their location to get good deals.

Advancing mobile technology transforms retail

Retailers, marketers and service providers are at the brink of a massive technological opportunity to evolve the retail experience.

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