Feb. 22, 2017

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How effective was Best Buy’s Grammys engagement on Twitter?

February 14, 2017

Adele brought home many of the most coveted honors Sunday night

Adele brought home many of the most coveted honors Sunday night

Big-box retailer Best Buy’s Twitter feed lit up on Sunday in response to the Grammys festivities, presumably to take advantage of a spike in music sales (especially physical copies) that occurs during the awards ceremony.

The retailer’s Twitter featured multiple attempts at engagement during the ceremony, which itself generated a substantial about of social media conversation and scrutiny throughout the course of the night. Best Buy provided congratulations, GIFs and polls throughout the ceremony while intermittently hawking albums that were up for Grammy consideration.

“As a brand, injecting yourself into trends and current events with relevant and custom content is the best way to become part of the conversation on social media,” said Jeff Ragovin, chief growth officer at Social Native. “For the Grammys, Best Buy’s tone was playful, the content was relevant, and their offering was valuable to consumers.

“As a result, they created a conversation with their consumers and asserted themselves as the go-to source to buy albums from Grammys artists.”

Grammys conversation
The numerous musical interludes cut in between contentious awards presentations provides much fodder for the armchair critic during awards season, and the Grammys were no exception. Highights such as Adele’s flub during the George Michael tribute and Beyonce’s perceived snubs for Record, Song and Album of the year generated huge amounts of conversation on social channels.

However, Best Buy stayed relatively neutral through the proceedings, offering congratulations to winning artists such as Adele, Cage the Elephant, Chance the Rapper and Sturgill Simpson.

The retailer posted quite a few polls relating to the festivities

The Twitter outreach also included various GIFs from both the awards ceremony itself — such as clips of Carrie Underwood’s and Adele’s performances — and clips from music videos courtesy of Grammy-nominated artists such as Anderson Paak.

The retailer also Tweeted out polls relevant to the ceremony, asking questions like “Who are you most excited to see perform tonight?” and “What nominated soundtrack should have scored your 2016?”

Many of the Tweets offering congratulations to artists also contained a link to the work in question: For example, a Tweet congratulating Adele on winning Album of the Year was packaged with a link to Best Buy’s Web site page where users could buy the album in question, 25.

Best Buy ended the night with a Tweet that promoted a physical copy of the 2017 Grammy Nominees CD, which is available both in-store and through its ecommerce presence.

Twitter engagement
This is not Best Buy’s first foray in involving itself in an organically generated conversation: It was one of many brands to capitalize on the widely-watched Season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead on AMC. The brand also extensively used GIFs in its attempt to court The Walking Dead viewer, and it seemed to work; some of the brand’s most shared Tweets of October come from The Walking Dead engagement (see story).

Masterpass also held a promotion in conjunction with the Grammys called #ThankTheFans which allowed Masterpass users to buy discounted vinyl records and take advantage of offers that the company live Tweeted during the broadcast (see story).

Most of Best Buy’s posts congratulated Grammy winners

“The world is moving to mobile and as a result, smart brands are rethinking how they view digital,” Mr. Ragovin said. “Brands need to deliver the right content, to the right audience, at the right time, and natively across all social channels.”

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Rakin Azfar is editorial assistant on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York. Reach him at rakin@napean.com.

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