Feb. 22, 2017

Contextualized and individualized shopper experience key to mobile campaigns

As technology and data get smarter, so will your perpetually connected consumers. They will expect better messaging, more relevant notifications and shopping experiences that are convenient for them.

How artificial intelligence will transform marketing

Consumers are blocking mobile ads, ignoring 80 percent-plus of all emails, and they do not have the time or inclination for voice calls, which are now seen as intrusive.

How brands can maximize conversion from mobile search

Forrester Research predicts that purchases from mobile devices will double by 2020 to reach $250 billion-worth of transactions by the end of the decade.

Top 3 technologies revolutionizing ecommerce

Staying up to date with rapidly evolving technologies in the ecommerce and marketing industries can be a daunting task. With a slew of new technologies out there, it is also not easy to pinpoint which ones are worth the venture.

Device detection 2.0: Are marketers getting the full picture?

Shift in behavior has meant that brands have had to work harder to understand which devices consumers use to access their Web sites.

Grabbing the attention of potential customers and engaging existing ones on mobile

The influence of mobile technology in retail cannot be understated, and we now are seeing a move from “mobile first” to “mobile only.”

Rewarded video: Monetization beyond gaming apps

The vast majority of consumers who download an application are challenging to monetize.

3 ways to build content for sales and marketing

Generating content for sales and marketing cannot be done in a bubble. But how can organizations resurface to start listening and engaging in a more effective way with their customers or readers?

Capitalizing on the US online market from overseas

Almost half of online shoppers in the United States have made purchases from foreign Web sites. And with an annual growth rate of about 15 percent and a value of more than $350 billion, U.S. online retail has the volume for which brands vie.

Shift to cashless commerce: Creating a digital payments roadmap

Widespread adoption of digital payments is simply a matter of time, as baby boomers and the older silent generation age out of the active consumer population and Gen Z moves in. For these post-millennial consumers who have come of age in a mobile-first world, cash and credit will be a quaint notion.

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