Feb. 22, 2017


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Amazon puts pressure on Seamless, Postmates with restaurant delivery feature

Amazon is encroaching on yet another aspect of the retail industry with an update to the Amazon mobile application that lets consumers order food delivery from their phones.

Comcast’s new app feature aims to combat customer service bad rap

Comcast is launching a new feature for its mobile application that facilitates tech support visits to a customer’s home and lets them know exactly when a technician will arrive.

Gulf Oil pilot program proves mobile payments belong in any sector

Gulf Oil, which licenses its intellectual property to a number of gas stations across the country, is piloting a mobile payments product, which is to launch in select New England and New York markets.

92pc of shoppers visit a brand’s Web site to do something other than shop: report

Given how quickly the field is developing, consumer ecommerce behavior is still a mystery to many working in mobile, making the online shopping ecosystem one largely bereft of personalization, according to a new report from Episerver.

Mobile Minutes: Fertility apps; Facebook money transfer; Verizon reaches lowered Yahoo deal; Social media risks

Today in mobile marketing – Get pregnant… or don’t! Fertility apps help with both; TransferWise launches international money transfers via Facebook; Verizon reaches deal for lowered Yahoo price after hacks; PewDiePie dust-up shows risks brands take to tap into social media.

WhatsApp Snapchat copycat feature gives marketers more options – Mobile Marketer

Mobile Marketer today – WhatsApp Snapchat copycat feature gives marketers more options; Mike and Ike partner with Paul George, NBA 2K17 for social campaign.

Maserati looks to social users to name limited-edition vehicle – Luxury Daily

Luxury Daily today – Maserati looks to social users to name limited-edition vehicle; Political statements are trending as fashion week takes on current events.

Contextualized and individualized shopper experience key to mobile campaigns

As technology and data get smarter, so will your perpetually connected consumers. They will expect better messaging, more relevant notifications and shopping experiences that are convenient for them.

How artificial intelligence will transform marketing

Consumers are blocking mobile ads, ignoring 80 percent-plus of all emails, and they do not have the time or inclination for voice calls, which are now seen as intrusive.

Walgreens integrates rewards program into Android Pay

Walgreens is continuing to push forward in the mobile commerce space with the integration of its loyalty program with Android Pay, allowing users to seamlessly earn points and pay via mobile in stores.

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